Motorcycle Rental Guide

A motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicles on the road. It is both stylish and convenient especially during heavy traffic. For people who love thrill and adventure, they use it for recreational activities during trips and vacation. Due to its popularity, many businesses nowadays offer motorcycle rentals to those who want to experience riding one.

Tips for choosing

Today, there are now several rental companies who offer motorcycle rental for prospective riders. Below are our guidelines to help renting a motorcycle.

  • Assess and compare

All rental companies have different offers such as various motorcycle models, prices, equipment, gear, mileage allowances and many more. It is prudent to compare these to help you choose what you think best fits your budget and needs.

  • Know how old the bikes are in the shop

It is useful to know how old the bikes are in a rental shop and if they are properly maintained. This is to ensure that they are functioning properly and are in good condition when used and ridden. This also prevents unnecessary breakdown and accidents on the road.

  • Inspect the insurance coverage

A bike insurance will protect you in many ways when riding a motorcycle. It also saves you expenses during accidents or bad circumstances. Always make sure to know the insurance coverage of the rental company before choosing one. Most of these offer third-party insurance especially in Europe which covers damages to other people. Some popular ones are fire insurance which covers you when it is caught on fire, theft insurance which also covers you when it gets stolen and many more.

  • Know the booking process

Motorcycle rental has a different booking process when compared to car rental companies as most of them don’t offer online booking. A contract will be sent to you by email which must be filled together with your credit card information for reservation. It is also important to consider inquiring about cancellation policy as it can vary on different companies.

  • Inform them about your mileage

A mileage is the miles that are traveled by the vehicle. Always inform your rental company about the mileage you will cover as this helps them decide if new tires are needed to your rental.

  • Assess the vehicle during handover

One of the most important things to do when the motorcycle is handover to you is to assess it. Make sure to check it and mark down any damages you see. Check all its features especially safety devices if they are working such as lights, indicators, and horn. Assess the tires ensuring that it is good condition. It is also advised to have a checklist of the things needed to be inspected as to make sure everything is clear and transparent when it is handover to you.

  • Return it properly

Like any other vehicle or things, always return it in good condition and on time. Make sure to follow the agreed place and time it will be returned and declare any damages it may have.