Mercedes focuses on its F1 race starts

Despite having earned themselves pole position in three successive Grands Prix, Mercedes is not completely happy with its starts and is spending some time doing “a lot of work” at its Brackley factory.

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Despite being right in front, the Mercedes team has been given some stiff competition from Ferrari, whose cars simply seem better equipped to make a faster getaway.

A Fast and Furious Problem

The faster getaways have caused problems on the track. In France, Sebastian Vettel clashed with Valtteri Bottas on the very first corner. In the Austrian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen managed to squeeze himself in between Bottas and Lewis Hamilton just after the race began. To add insult to injury, any hopes Hamilton had of winning the British GP were dashed when a poor getaway saw him dropping down the order, before he was smashed into by Raikkonen.

This run of poor starts clearly highlighted a pattern, and it was high time Mercedes addressed the issue. While clashes make for an interesting race, especially if it’s being watched from a vantage point like that at the F1 Paddock Club Singapore, the excellent views afforded by this venue don’t make up for the potential point losses for the drivers and constructors.

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Mercedes On Track To Improve

With a run of bad starts on the books for Mercedes, trackside engineer Andrew Shovlin stepped in and confirmed that the team was now doing all it could to improve its performance.

Shovlin said that they were going to be doing a lot of work during the course of the week to address the issue and understand why it was happening because they know just how crucial getting away from the start is, especially when in pole position. Mercedes wants their cars to get off the line just as well as Ferrari and to offer the same kind of competition. The idea is to get the cars up to speed for Hockenheim and to ensure that the drivers are not left fighting from the very start of the race. Being in pole position gives drivers an immediate advantage, but if they lose that at the first bend, it’s a big problem.

Mercedes hopes they can outperform Ferrari from start to finish in the future, and this may be possible with a few tweaks.