How To Get The Ultimate Russell Westbrook Vertical

Ever thought of having that leap in basketball that will leave your team mates rubbing your head with gratitude and your opponents down with hopelessness? Well, then sit back and let’s get you that Russell Westbrook vertical.

A vertical jump (leap) in basketball is the height a player can jump with his arms raised as high as he can and touch compared to his maximum standing reach. Or in simpler terms, the player’s ability to jump.

With that in mind, we have explained two ways on how one can achieve the ultimate vertical.

Firstly, there is the no step vert. This is quite self explanatory in that the player does not get to take any step before jumping. He simply jumps as high as he possibly can right from where he is standing then measurement of the highest point reached is taken.

Thus far, we have two measurements: the player’s maximum standing reach and the highest point he touched

Secondly, we have the max vert or simply maximum vertical. This applies the same principle as the no step vert only that the player gets to run shortly before jumping.

To measure the distance of the jump, the player can put a measuring tape or a meter stick against a wall. This way he will be able to measure how far he jumped.

Now, while you are working on increasing your vertical leap, it is important to see to it that you don’t lose your stamina. As a basketball player, you should not over do your exercises hoping to be masculine. That might hurt your vertical jump. Instead, get to work your calf muscles and arm strings. Cut your weight if you have to but maintain your strength. While at it, keep a healthy diet, steer clear of junk food.