How page loading speed impacts your SEO

The relevance of your website page to a user’s search query is certainly the most weighty signal to Google’s ranking algorithm, which is why you need to ensure your content is full of the right keywords, is engaging, and carries links of authority; however, you may be forgetting about one of the factors that matters most to the internet user – page load speed. Google added this signal to its algorithms in 2010, but business owners have not paid it as much attention as other SEO contributing factors. Google will be extending this signal to include mobile results this July, which means it is a good time to review your web pages.

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Response times to web requests make for happy users and reduce operating costs. Radar’s blog is really worth a read for some startling statistics.

Google’s Webmaster tools (PageSpeed Insights) can help to analyse the load speed of your pages, and it is well worth asking your designer to extract some reports for you to review. Identify areas of improvement together and develop a plan to implement these.

Unravel the complexity

Page images will undoubtedly be on the list. Mobile users will wait a surprisingly short time for these to load before switching to an alternative website. Using tools to compress the image resolution is a quick win; whilst you are there, zip the text files. Making multiple server calls to load web pages to the browser can cause a delay, so concentrate on loading your main content before additions such as ads and other supplementary content. Limit external render-blocking files and ensure CSS and JavaScript in-line coding loads elements as they are needed. Evaluate all code for unused and unnecessary parts that may be slowing things down.

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External factors

Evaluating the server on which your website is hosted can highlight areas in which speed could be improved. A poor-quality platform with out-of-date technology, complicated routing paths and queries to databases and libraries will have an impact on the page speed; therefore, investing time and funds into these should not be ignored. Working with a specialist London SEO agency such as can pay great dividends.

Step changes to the development of your website are an investment that will reap rewards for cleaner, more efficient pages to satisfy both ranking outcomes and your target users.