Help With Your CBT Test

You have to complete the CBT (compulsory basic training) course if you want to ride a motorcycle or moped on the streets of the United Kingdom. This training consists of several stages that you have to clear properly to ride legally ride on UK streets for a minimum of the next two years. Go through the following tips, which shall help with your CBT test in case you feel intimidated by the several levels of testing and the stringent training.

Take It Easy

CBT is not a “test” in itself as opposed to common belief. On the contrary, this consists of a complete training that lasts an entire day. You will receive your CBT certificate at the end of the training, given your instructor is satisfied with your road awareness and riding skills. You can go through the training another day in case you do not complete it to the satisfaction of your instructor. Do not worry if you did not complete the training does not imply that you have failed or that you are unable to undertake the training once more before elapsing of a specific period from the date of the previous training.

Know the Theory

The CBT test is not only about your capability to ride a bike skilfully as well as safely. There is intensive focus on other parts of riding as well. Simply put, you should have fundamental knowledge of UK highway codes and traffic signs at the least, among numerous other things. You ought to have knowledge of the rules pertaining to moped and motorcycle riders. You will have to undertake tests for your understanding of the likely course of action of other motorists during different road traffic scenarios. Hence, go through the riding skills and licensing regulations that are key to CBT.

Know a Motorbike Beforehand

The instructor will introduce you to the motorbike on the day of the test and the instructor will show you the different controls of the bike. You will find the data overwhelming and all of the above information would be meaningless for you, if you had little to no idea about the bike’s controls.

Select a training school and book a course with it

Directly book your CBT course with a motorbike training school. The training consists of five different segments. You will learn about CBT and a specialist will check your eyesight in the first part. The remaining parts are on-road riding, on-road training, on-site riding, and on-site training. In essence, you will learn what is required of amateur moped and motorcycle riders during CBT. If you’d like to have the most comprehensive CBT training contact approved training bodies like London Motorcycle Training.

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