Organising your van as a plumber

Being well-organised is essential for plumbers, especially if you work independently and are responsible for running your own business.

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With all the equipment and components required to do the job, a plumber’s van can quickly become cluttered. Here are some tips to help you get organised and improve productivity in one fell swoop.

Invest in van racking

It is not sensible to simply throw everything you need into the back of a panel van and hope that it stays in one place during transit. Plumbers will generally require small parts to help with repair work, which cannot be left loose.

With effective Sortimo van racking available from suppliers such as, you can add a sturdy, flexible storage solution to your van.

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Proper planning

It one thing to decide to get racking for your van, but quite another to actually pick a setup that is suitable for your needs.

Organisation skills will come into play when deciding how to arrange the items stored within a racking assembly; for example, you should put the items you need most regularly within easy reach rather than in some obscure corner where they will be a pain to access.

It is also vital to ensure that the racking is installed in a way that gives you a good amount of visibility while you are sifting through the shelves and containers.

The amount of light that gets into the cargo area of your van will be relevant in this case. For a flexible approach, invest in electric lights to line the roof of the van. You can pick fully-wired units or choose battery-operated lights that you can turn off and on manually to keep costs to a minimum.

Material options

Van racking is not all made from the same material; instead, you can choose between lighter aluminium or sturdy yet affordable steel.

The weight of the material will have an impact on the amount of diesel you have to burn to haul it around, so this might be a key variable to factor in when calculating costs; however, as fossil fuels could soon be eliminated from LCVs altogether, this may not be a long-term issue.

There are also wooden racking setups that might be preferable, especially if you are trying to balance the books and improve your van’s organisation without breaking the bank.